Adult Catechesis

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Grace in Practice

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Fall 2017

September 10: Why Grace?
Mark Galli (Audio)

September 17: Grace in our Catechism
Martin Johnson (Audio)

September 24: Grace in the Old Testament
Roy Stiff (Audio)

October 1: Grace in the New Testament
Dan Yelovich (Audio)

October 8: Grace in Augustine
Adam Wood (Audio)

October 15: Grace and Luther (I)
Matt Milliner (Audio)

October 22: Grace and Luther (II)
Max Heidelberger (Audio)

October 29: Grace in Forgiveness
Andrew Unger (Audio)

November 5: Grace and Calvin
Mary Baker (Audio)

November 12: Grace in the 39 Articles
Tim Newitt (Audio)

November 19: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (Bunyan)
Dan Horn (Audio)

November 26: Grace & Peace in the Middle East
Canon Andrew White (Audio)

December 3: Grace in our Liturgy
Mary Baker (Audio)

December 10: Let Not Conscience Make You Linger: H.F. Kohlbrugge’s Comma
Tim Blackmon (Audio)

December 17: H.F. Kohlbrugge: Human Insufficiency & God’s Boundless Grace
Tim Blackmon (Audio)


Spring 2018

January 14: Grace in Prayer (I)
Jim Leonard (Audio)

January 21: Grace in the Landscape
Joel Sheesley (Audio)

February 4:  Grace in Jazz
Bruce Knowlton (Audio)

February 4:  Grace in Film
Jonathan Wright (Audio)

February 18:  Grace in Practice
Mary Baker (Audio)

February 25:  Grace in Parenting
Henny Leonard (Audio)

March 4:  Grace in Agency
Bob Roberts (Audio)

March 11:  Grace in Dependence
Roy Stiff (Audio)

March 18:  Grace in Aging & Dying
Austin Stapella & Rob Lewis (Audio)

March 25:  Grace in the Virgin Mary
Bethany Erickson (Audio)

April 8:  Grace in the Coen Brothers
Joel Erickson (Audio)

April 15: Grace in Pluralism
Kathryn Heidelberger (Audio)

April 22: Grace in Singleness
Matt Gemmill (Audio)

April 29: Grace in Social Media
Micah Clark (Audio)

May 6: Grace in Prayer (II)
Jim Leonard (Audio)

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