Catechesis @ All Souls

The Catechumenate, Christian instruction in the faith, is one of the oldest traditions of the Christian church. Early church liturgies and documents from the 3rd century describe the process by which new believers, called the catechumen, were prepared by the Bishop for baptism. This ancient practice for Christian disciple-making included a complete immersion in Scripture as well as teaching in the writings of the church fathers, and the Creeds. Additionally, the catechumen were instructed to prepare for baptism through spiritual practices, such as prayer and self-examination. 

At All Souls we wish to pursue this ancient way. Our Catechesis classes are also steeped in Scripture, church history and theology, as well as Christian spiritual formation. Our intent is to lay the conceptual foundation of our faith, as well as address the desires of the human heart to know God. 

Our main platform for our Catechesis program is classes on Sunday morning, accompanying the Sunday worship service. We also offer additional teaching through small group studies and retreats. The classes are taught by a variety of teachers, clergy and lay. Catechesis is part of what we call Community Formation at All Souls because we teach each other, we pray for each other, and we encourage each other to embrace the grace of God and all the good gifts He wishes to bestow on his children.