House Groups

Why Souls Together House Groups?


If you consider All Souls your church home, joining a House Group is a great way to connect and get to know other parishioners.

House Groups at All Souls meet for the purpose of building our community as it grows into a full expression of the body of Christ. The Christian journey is not intended to be a lonely one, but a shared experience among others who love Christ and desire to be his disciples in every area of their lives. There are four aspects of Christian community expressed through our House Group gatherings:

  1. breaking bread together,
  2. friendship: listening to each other & God about our journeys in the Christian faith,
  3. praying together,
  4. becoming centers of mission as we bring Christ to the world.


We hope that most of our groups will be a mix of male and female, young and old, single and married. While we also have other small groups such as men’s and women’s Bible studies, we believe that a House Group offers us the unique ability to affirm that our bond in Christ goes beyond our gender and age, and that we can learn from those whose daily life may look different from our own.

What are the details?

group size: 8-10 adults

when: bi-weekly

format: dessert or a meal followed by small group sharing and praying for each other within the the format of a traditional Anglican prayer office

leader/host: Each group will have a facilitator and a host. In some cases, this may be the same person.

Is there a commitment?

We ask that House Group members call All Souls their church home and are willing to arrange their calendars to make attendance at the bi-weekly meetings a priority (of course family needs and emergencies arise for all of us!).

What about children?

Souls Together House Groups are designed for the adults of our community to have an intimate setting to share together the joy and struggle of becoming a disciple of Christ. We believe an adults-only small group time will facilitate this kind of sharing. Some of our groups do provide a place for the children to play separately during small group time and share a family meal with children present, while others have only adults present for prayer and the meal. Please be specific on your registration form which kind of setting you are most comfortable with. We do ask that all participants in our House Groups honor the request that children toddler age and up not be present during the small group sharing and prayer time.

How do I join a House Group?

To join a group, please complete this online registration form. New folks may join House Groups throughout the year if space is available. New groups always form in the fall.

If you’d like more information about House Groups, please contact Deacon Mary.