our values

Children are very important; they matter to God and to the Church community.

All children need to be accepted and nurtured.

Children’s needs differ culturally, cognitively, physically, spiritually, developmentally and emotionally. Children must be met at their particular place of need.

Experience, in conjunction with explanations, is the foundation for a child’s understanding of God’s truth. Providing creative and active learning opportunities is critical to effective ministry to children.

Children are capable of participating in worship. They should be given opportunities to worship both with their families and with their peers. They should be taught the fundamentals of participating in worship so that they are able to participate more fully.

Children need to understand how the Good News of the Bible applies to their everyday lives.

Children respond to leaders who are relational, not merely informational. Building a relationship with a child is an effective way to minister to that child.

Entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ is a process-oriented experience, not simply an event. By gradually and intentionally exposing children to the truths of the Bible, we offer the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work in their hearts to draw them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Liturgical worship can be appreciated by children. They can find it especially meaningful when they are introduced to it early in their lives and are given helpful teaching about its meaning.

The Gospel is best understood in the context of the larger biblical narrative. Children are especially suited to grasping the entire story of God’s intervention in human history.