2024 Vestry Nominees

Adam Wood is a life-long Anglican, and has attended All Souls since 2012, when he took a job teaching philosophy at Wheaton College. Sometimes he preaches, but more often holds babies in the Nursery. He’s married to Caris, and their children are Gus, Cate, Abe and Sophie. He likes cultivating vegetables and native plants, wandering […]

Seasonal Liturgical Changes

a liturgical note from Fr James and the Music Committee The guidelines for worship in the Anglican tradition call for variation within a structure of regularity. Some of these variations are weekly (e.g., readings or collect), some variations are annual (e.g., the church calendar), and some variations are seasonal (e.g., colors). With this first Sunday […]

The True Story of Santa Claus

a blog post from Seasons for Souls The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, born to a wealthy family during the third century in Asia Minor, then Greece, now Turkey. When a person lived as long ago as St. Nicholas, it is sometimes difficult to separate fact from legend. His parents, who raised […]

Building Update

from Sarah Stanley, Senior Warden This past year has brought exciting changes to All Souls’ building. While various improvements have been considered in the past, including a multi-million dollar addition, these recent projects have been the result of two things—a desire to make our building more accessible and generous gifts to our Building Fund by […]

Communion at All Souls

Communion in the liturgical church is, in part, an act of community. Instead of receiving the elements while sitting in our pews, as in other churches, communicants at All Souls slide out of their rows and process together down the aisle to gather around a “common table” to receive the bread and wine. The quiet, […]

Extraordinary Time Banner Triptych

This week, we return to Ordinary Time. We count the Sundays in order through the end of the Church Year, and then we begin again at Advent. For All Souls, 2020 became known as Coronatide. As we journeyed through Lent, through the Easter Season, to Pentecost and beyond, we sometimes referred to that year’s Ordinary […]

the sign of the cross

a liturgical note from Fr James Arcadi What? A bodily gesture that expresses that we belong to God Why? As Christians we stand under the sign of the cross. Baseball players wear a logo on their hat, some gangs have hand signs, some countries or clubs have other gestures to show allegiance. Our sign of […]

The Feast of Perpetua & Felicitas: March 7

a blog post from Melody Schwarting, Children’s Sunday School Coordinator In Lent, we remember our bodies are a place where we can encounter the Lord. We see differently, with a new crucifix and different colors around the nave. We hear differently, with more silence in worship and a crotalus (the wooden knocker) instead of bells. […]

The Feast of Santa Lucia: December 13

a blog post from Melody Schwarting, Children’s Sunday School Coordinator Lucia of Syracuse (c. 283-304 ACE) was born into a wealthy family, bestowed with beauty and a winning personality. Her advantages could have led to an easy life, but her faith in Christ compelled Lucia to choose differently. She lived in danger because the Roman […]

The Feast of St. Nicholas: December 6

a blog post from Melody Schwarting, Children’s Sunday School Coordinator St Nicholas’s secret distribution of gifts has captured our imaginations for nearly 1,700 years. Nicholas lived in the late 200s to the mid 300s ACE. His hometown, Myra (now Demre in Turkey) was in the Roman Empire in his lifetime. After he took holy orders, […]