the gospel of Blessing

reflections from Fr. Rob on World Mission Sunday Last Monday I responded to a call for help from our friend, Chris Morgan. He had some friends who had run out of gas to run the generator to heat their trailer, and asked if I would fill up several gas canisters. I followed Chris in his […]

generators for Ukraine

news from Roy & Agnieszka Stiff We are approaching the grim one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine. When Russia first attacked Ukraine, most of the world recoiled and immediately began to respond with outrage, sympathy and support.  As the war has dragged on into a relentless battle of attrition, it has shifted to the […]

a tree for Outreach

a blog post with a giving idea for Advent 2022 All Souls has a long-standing connection with Outreach, a local Christian organization, whose mission is to “transform lives and communities by creating opportunities where barriers exist; by loving our neighbors in word and deed; and by shining the light of hope on all peoples’ God-given […]

Welcome to America!

a blog post from Monica LaBrot, All Souls’ Welcome Pack Coordinator “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the Kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world…I was a stranger and you invited me in.’” Matthew 25:34-35 All Souls […]

Who will tell them about Jesus?

a blog post from Galen Dalrymple, with Medical Ambassadors International Solomon. Solomon Habila.Remember that name as you will meet him someday in glory.  Solomon was a co-worker of mine at Medical Ambassadors International, living in northern Nigeria with his wife and three beautiful young daughters. Solomon and I never actually met but from every report […]

Beautifully Enabled, by God’s Design

news from Galen Dalrymple and Medical Ambassadors International Living in America, it’s hard for us to understand how those with disabilities are viewed and treated by the world. In some countries, those with disabilities are seen as being cursed, perhaps possessed, even considered to be non-human. Shockingly, it can lead to people literally being treated […]

Coming & Going: the Rhythm of the Souls

reflections on mission from Deacon Rob Lewisand Annemarie Zimmerman And he rejoiced with great sadness. This describes my conflicted emotional state when I say goodbye to friends who leave All Souls.  The emotions start to rise with the first buds of spring, when our students prepare to head out to parts unknown. I know it’s […]

Roy & Agnieszka Stiff

Roy Stiff introduces us to his wife, Agnieszka, and their daughter Vicki. Roy Stiff and his new wife, Agnieszka, serve with CRU in Poland and Eastern Europe. Enjoy this short video where Roy introduces Agnieszka and their daughter, Vicki, and Agnieszka shares how their family came to be.

Letters from our sponsored kids

Most of you know that All Souls sponsors 10 children at Kinyago-Dandora School in the slums of Dandora, outside Nairobi, Kenya. They range in age from nursery school through high school. In January, the children returned to in-person school for the first time since last March and are elated to be back to school. During […]

In Communion

Deacon Rob Lewis shares an update about a friend of All Souls. Two Sundays ago, Chris Morgan took communion for the first time at All Souls. He broke our COVID rule of essential participants only, so his receiving was all the more noticeable. To those of us who know Chris, it was also deeply moving. […]