The love of Christ, experienced in our worship and expressed through our community, has set us free to engage the world in sacrificial service, and in the work of proclaiming the freedom we have come to know. All Souls gratefully promotes, celebrates and supports the Kingdom work that everyone of our members is doing in the world.

Here are a few of the ways that some of our souls are doing Kingdom work in our community:

Kenya Children’s Fund (KCF)

Kathy Cathey

All Souls sponsors 10 kids in the slum of Dandora in Nairobi, Kenya. Dandora is built on the Nairobi city dump, and the children face the challenges of extreme poverty, a toxic environment, and high crime rates. Our sponsorship gives them an excellent education at Kinyago-Dandora Secondary School, 2 nutritious meals a day, free medical care, and ultimately–hope. You can help by writing to one of our students, sponsoring your own child, making a donation, or praying for the kids. Read more >

Food Pantry

Elizabeth Roberts

First and second Sundays of the month are special: a group of people from our church go to the Immanuel Food Pantry in Warrenville to accompany the people who come to get food as they “shop.” The All Souls volunteers enjoy getting to know the “shoppers” as well as their fellow Souls.

Exodus World Service   

Carolyn Hart

When a refugee family arrives in Chicago, a resettlement agency matches the family with an apartment and sets it up with furniture. Through Exodus World Service, churches like All Souls provide a ‘Welcome to America’ pack containing food staples, blankets, pillows, pots & pans, and other essentials. All Souls provides this gift of hospitality and love in the name of Jesus.