All Souls in Kenya

Our Students

All Souls has committed to sponsor 10 kids in the slum of Dandora in Nairobi, Kenya until they graduate. Dandora is built on the Nairobi city dump, and the children face the challenges of extreme poverty, a toxic environment, and high crime rates.

Our sponsorship gives them an excellent education at Kinyago-Dandora Schools, 2 nutritious meals a day, and medical care. It also gives them hope as they work hard to overcome the hardships of extreme poverty through education.

Many of the students pass the rigorous middle school exams (not all children do) and have shown a dedication to learning. They are deeply grateful for our care and our prayers, and they love and pray for us, too.

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Dandora, Kenya

The Kinyago-Dandora School Project is located in the slums of Nairobi in Kenya, East Africa. Kenya’s population of more than 31 million has suffered greatly in the past few years due to epidemics of malaria, cholera and AIDS, and to a devastating drought that has caused mass starvation across the country. Over half of Kenya’s population is under the age of 15 years. Nairobi has a population of more than 3 million with two thirds of the people living in the slums. Many Kenyans have limited education and vocational skills, and are only marginally employable, so they end up in slums like Kinyago-Dandora. Families live in homes of sticks and mud, stone or iron sheeting, many with no windows, electricity, running water or sanitation. Six to eight people (sometimes more) live in a room the size of an American dining room. There is no money for proper nutrition, health care, or school fees (required in Kenya). Many children are forced to work long hours at hard, even dangerous jobs to help provide food for their families. The average daily income for a head of household is less than a dollar a day.

Kinyago-Dandora Primary (KDS) and Secondary (KDSS) Schools

Kenya Children’s Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides children of Kinyago-Dandora the opportunity to be enrolled in an institution that offers education, nutrition and health care in a Christ-centered environment. The sponsorship costs of just $38 a month makes a profound difference in the life of a needy child. Three of the children that All Souls is sponsoring are children that have already passed the rigorous middle school exams (not all children do) and have shown a dedication to learning.  We also sponsor a brand new nursery student (a relative of our own Jacinta, recent vocational school graduate), and 3 primary school students.

There is still a need for more of these children to be sponsored, so if anyone would like to personally sponsor a child, please see Kathy Cathey, or go to to find out more.

Get Involved

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  1. Write to any student any time. When students are sponsored, they do better in school. We can send letters/pictures to our children through Kenya Children’s Fund, PO Box 4159, Hopkins, MN 55343-0499. Children can draw pictures, adults can write notes of encouragement, small things like stickers or bookmarks or small booklets can be included (whatever can fit in a 5×7 envelope).
  2. Pray for the children – and they will pray for us, too! Each week we will feature 2 of the KDSS young people, and all the kids will be praying for 2 of our All Souls families as well. Our weekly email updates will tell you who to pray for and which of us are being prayed for! Read more about how to pray >
  3. Find creative ways to help collect money for special Christmas and birthday gifts (no more than $20-25 per child), Easter baskets of food for their families, or special needs they might encounter.
  4. Be a part of special events—watch the website and announcements for activities like Fill-A-Bowl, Grace Gardens, and the Garage Sale.
  5. Consider making a trip to Kenya with All Souls. Lord willing, we travel to Kenya as we are able, to see the schools, participate in projects with them and for them, meet with staff and our sponsored kids, and bring encouragement to the Kinyago-Dandora community. A trip for All Souls is on the schedule at Kenya Children’s Fund, so we can start praying about it now.