Letters from our sponsored kids

Most of you know that All Souls sponsors 10 children at Kinyago-Dandora School in the slums of Dandora, outside Nairobi, Kenya. They range in age from nursery school through high school.

In January, the children returned to in-person school for the first time since last March and are elated to be back to school. During the pandemic, some curfews kept the children inside their homes for extended periods of time, homes that are often just one room for multiple people and made of tin or sticks and mud. Many of the children had to work to help their parents. Now they can learn again and be with their friends.

One special bonus this semester is that our former sponsored young man, Daniel, who graduated from KDSS and is in his last year of college, has been able to return to KDSS to do his student teaching. We were able to resume our letter writing and prayer schedule with the children and now Daniel. I wrote and told them that Fr. Martin had left and our Bishop had left, in those words, to let them know what was happening in our church. I also included pictures of the praising snowman that the children built in front of the church and other pictures of children playing in the snow. Here are the letters we received back from them this week.