generators for Ukraine

news from Roy & Agnieszka Stiff

We are approaching the grim one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine. When Russia first attacked Ukraine, most of the world recoiled and immediately began to respond with outrage, sympathy and support. 

As the war has dragged on into a relentless battle of attrition, it has shifted to the periphery of our awareness.  That’s understandable. It’s impossible – and unadvisable – to remain fixated on an ongoing tragedy that does not immediately affect us. At least not in any drastic ways. 

Life goes on. 

But it’s also at this point that we can continue to remain dedicated in our response to the people being ravaged by this war. While a torrent of empathy is not sustainable, a long and steady flow of compassion can best help those who are suffering. 

To that end Roy and Agnieszka Stiff, who are working full time in Poland, are also assisting with relief efforts for churches in Ukraine. After engaging with the initial influx of refugees, including housing some in their church basement, the Stiffs are now participating in long-term efforts to provide support for churches in Ukraine who are assisting both citizens and combatants. 

One of these projects is especially helpful for Ukrainians without infrastructure. Churches in embattled  areas are running generators to supply power for basic needs: washing clothes, charging phones, cooking meals. Roy and Agnieszka initially committed to sending four generators, but are closing in on a revised goal of ten. I recently spoke with Roy over What’s App. They have contributed nine generators, and he asked if All Souls might contribute to the tenth. 

You can give here. The Stiffs are using Agnieszka’s account with Cru for the purchase and shipment of the generators.