Handmade Paper Collages: Discovering the Creator at Play

Parishioner Jim Leonard has been making paper art works since about 2006. Perhaps his works can be called collages since they involve gluing paper to a surface, but Jim also uses tissue, inks, watercolors, acrylics, and natural objects like coffee chaff, grass and flower petals to create his pieces. The process often begins by making […]

Crumbs of Faith and Love

a Stephen Ministry introduction from Deacon Rob Lewis Do you want to get away? Jesus did.  But Jesus can’t get away. A Canaanite woman whose daughter is possessed by a demon accosts him. (Matthew 15:21-28; Mark 7:24-30) The story quickly gets complicated as it juxtaposes Jesus’ desire for solitude with the woman’s desperate love for […]

When the Storm Rolls In

a Stephen Ministry introduction from Deacon Joy Unger Sometimes you can see the storm developing around you. You can feel the winds pick up speed, feel the temperature drop slightly, see the clouds start to darken and cover the once clear sky. If you read the signs right, you can make your way inside and […]

Touching Jesus Robe

an introduction to Stephen Ministry from Galen Dalrymple She hides in the crowd, trying to remain invisible and unnoticed. She is depressed and ashamed. She doesn’t want anyone to know her secret. Yet her deep despair stirred something within her – a desire to get better – so she mustered her courage and sought help […]

Passover Supper for the Souls

God’s people passed through the water, to freedom. One of All Souls’ favorite gatherings each Holy Week is our Passover Supper. For years, we gathered — all together — in the Undercroft. As our congregation has grown, we moved into homes, gathering as families and as a church family for this family meal. While we’re […]

For the Love of Lent

Deacon Rob Lewis shares some thoughts on the affirming and transforming love of God. We typically think of Lent as a time of negation, of giving up something we enjoy—perhaps a little too much.  But Scripture presents the denial that characterizes Lent not as a way of negation, but as a way of affirmation that […]