Meet Our Sponsored Students

These students are the 10 kids All Souls has committed to sponsor in the slum of Dandora in Nairobi, Kenya.





#3250 | Grade 10 | Birthdate: 12-15-01

Ann’s teachers say she is polite, neat, active in group work, loving and caring. Please pray for Ann and all of our students, that God will protect them, and help them to overcome enormous challenges, be able to finish their studies and be able to pursue their calling.



#5544 | Grade 11 | Birthdate: 12-12-01

Faith lives with her mother and brother in a single roomed rented house with water and electricity. Her mother sells second-hand clothes. She is an excellent student and she is involved with the school’s drama team.



Marilyn Wanjiku Kinuthia

#? | Grade 5 | Birthdate: ?

Marilyn is one of our newest sponsored students!




#? | Grade: Kindergarten | Birthday: 8-28-10

Hussein is one of our newest sponsored students!




#? | Grade: Nursery | Birthday: 11-1-13

Emmanuel is one of our newest sponsored students!




#5412 | Grade: 2 | Birthdate: 6-20-10

Jayceline and her family live in a single-roomed house without water or electricity. Her father is a cart puller and her mother is not employed. She has a baby brother. Her teacher says she is trustworthy, reliable and hard working.





#4799 | Grade 4 | Birthdate: 6-5-08

Japhlet lives with his family in a single roomed house with water and electricity. His father sells food along the road, and his mother does not work. He is the youngest of three children. He hopes to be a pilot when he grows up and his role model is his father.




#5733 | Grade 8 | Birthdate: 12-24-04

Ryan is an orphan and he’s currently living with the secondary school principal. His favorite subject is math and he likes reading books in his free time. He enjoys football and gospel music. He’s a student leader at the school.




#5647 | Grade: 1 | Birthdate: 8-29-11

Virginia and her young mother live in her grandmother’s two roomed house. She is also, coincidently, related to our former sponsored vocational student Jecinta.




#4068 | Grade 6 | Birthdate: 4-5-06

Wilson lives in a single rented room. Has water supply but no electricity. The environment is very dirty. His mother is a casual laborer and his father has left the family. His teacher comments that he is quiet, self-driven and obedient.