prayers of the people

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Collect for The Third Sunday of Lent

Heavenly Father, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you: Look with compassion upon the heartfelt desires of your servants, and purify our disordered affections, that we may behold your eternal glory in the face of Christ Jesus; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

The Church
the Most Rev. Dr. Foley & Allison Beach, Archbishop, Anglican Church in North America
the Rt. Rev. Alex & Tamara Cameron, Bishop, Diocese of Pittsburgh
the Anglican Network in Canada
All Saint’s Anglican Church, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Weekly Prayer Cycle for the Souls
Matt & Liuan Huska and family
Dick & Bonnie Jensen
Keith & Julie Johnson and family
David Jolivet and Genevieve Jolivet and family
Steve & Rebecca Jones
Morgan Joyner
Ryan & Jessica Kemp and family

The World
For all those who proclaim the Gospel at home and abroad; and for all who teach and disciple others.

For peace in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and the world.

For all who serve in harm’s way.

Missions & Missionaries

Exodus World Service, Immanuel Food Pantry, Safe Families, Outreach Community Ministries, Medical Ambassadors International, Campus Crusade and Roy Stiff, Greater Europe Mission and Amy Kirk. At the Kinyago-Dandora Schools in Nairobi, Kenya, we are praying for Blessing and Emmanuel and the families of our sponsored children; they are praying for Malcolm Smille, August & Kayla Smith, Fr. Paul & Janet Snezek.

The Sick
Bob Roberts • Timothy Lynch • Nicki Holton • Dick Jensen
Fr Paul Snezek • Monica Hupp • Janet Clewett • Jim Beitler
Anya Jones • Dixie Jonas • Don Walhout

Those with Cancer
Tom Topel • Steve Ferrell • Bob Gasperik

Those Who Mourn
For Gil Beers, father of Kathy Cathey; Kay Starks, mother of Sara Zimmerman; and all those who have departed this life in the certain hope of the resurrection.