A Gallery of Bulletin Covers

Why a custom-designed cover each week?

The easiest solution to a bulletin cover is to use a Christian symbol such as a cross or Bible, or personalize it with a photo or drawing of the church or the church’s name in large type. In liturgical denominations like All Souls, the covers could have something to reflect the season: Epiphany, Lent, Christmas, etc.

What’s the process?

However, some designers like a challenge. The challenges: a new design every week, finding a visual representation for spiritual concepts, page format, and printing limitations. Various approaches to the design problem: look through the readings for that week, or query the homilist for the coming Sunday. Solutions can incorporate original illustrations, stock photos, creative typography, old etchings, and interesting shapes and colors. The process can go as fast as a couple of hours or up to a day.

Having a cover visible to the public for only an hour or two is a little disheartening for the designers, hence these galleries.

Bulletin Covers for 2022
Miscellaneous Covers