Why a blog about souls on mission?

As a writer for the Souls on Mission blog, Angela shares her vision for the content and stories we’ll be sharing in this space. If you have a story to share or if you’d like to be involved with the writing process, please reach out to Angela, Jennifer, or Rob.

Four years ago, when I first visited All Souls as a freshman in college, I was blown away by the artistry of the liturgy.

To top off my visit, Fr. Martin prayed over me at the altar. In that moment I knew my church-hunt was over. It seemed like All Souls had everything I wanted—except a focus on missions. I couldn’t find information about ministries or missionaries on the website or in print.

Since then, I’ve learned that All Souls is a missional congregation. It’s full of members who are quietly but actively involved in Kingdom service. Keyword: quietly. Families in our congregation provide safe homes to children in crisis, temporarily and through adoption; members volunteer to set up new apartments for refugees, others teach in the inner city, host Christian radio shows, and co-ordinate Middle East Bible translations. The list goes on and on, but it took me a while to discover these stories.

On this blog, we plan to spotlight Souls on Mission because these stories are important. When we fail to share them, we are missing out on opportunities to celebrate God’s work. I hope that the stories you read here encourage you to remain faithful in your calling and inspired by God’s work around you.