more information about us and our world 

Resources for Growth in Grace

Spiritual formation (prayer, meditation, contemplation) from Renovare

Excerpts from the major works of C. S. Lewis

An extensive series of writings by Tom Wright, the Bishop of Durham

Anglican renewal in England is spearheaded by Fulcrum

and by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

People curious about Jesus might want to start with re:jesus

Art that opens us to new possibility by Joel Sheesley

Preserving, promoting, and enhancing the classical sacred music repertoire: Soli Deo Gloria

Other Anglican Churches in our area

Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton

Hope Anglican Church in Elburn

Resurrection Anglican Church in West Chicago

St. Aidan’s Anglican Church in Oswego

Understanding Current Events in the Anglican Communion

Tom Wright, Koinonia and Communion

Tom Wright, Shipwreck and Kingdom: Acts and the Anglican Communion

The Windsor Report of 2004 on the bonds of fellowship among Anglicans and how they might be sustained and strengthened

Oliver O’Donovan on Scripture and Obedience

Resolution 1:10 on human sexuality from the 1998 Lambeth Conference

A useful essay by Edith Humphrey on reading Scripture faithfully, especially its teachings on sexuality

The Kigali Communiqué from the Global South Primates’ Meeting, September 2006

The Jerusalem Declaration released by participants in the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in July 2008

The concluding sermon to the 2008 Lambeth Conference by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

The constitution and canons of the ACNA