Passover Supper for the Souls

Exodus, by Cheryl Rose

God’s people passed through the water, to freedom.

One of All Souls’ favorite gatherings each Holy Week is our Passover Supper. For years, we gathered — all together — in the Undercroft. As our congregation has grown, we moved into homes, gathering as families and as a church family for this family meal.

While we’re unable to meet in our typical ways this year, we hope you’ll consider sharing the meal and the liturgy with those in your household or “pod.” Here are some resources that may be helpful to you.

Background & Instructions

If you hope to share this meal, please take a look at the background and instructions. This PDF will explain why we celebrate and remember and will provide all the practical tips, even down to a grocery list as you prepare.


Here is the printable PDF that will guide you through the liturgy, which includes the meal. Check back for a link to the online missal.


All the food instructions are contained in the Background & Instructions, above. Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. If you want to do it just like we’ve always done it at All Souls, follow the instructions and you’ll be set.

You might be interested in a Charoset recipe, or you might choose to serve applesauce instead. You might pick up gyro meat from Tony’s Steamers in Winfield, or you might buy the ziplock pack of gyro meat that Costco typically stocks at this time of year. If you’re game for a little roasting, you might try braising lamb shanks, which will leave you with the perfect shank bone for the liturgy.


In Exodus 13:8, the Lord commands His people to tell their children, so that they remember how God rescued them. Haggadah is the Hebrew word for “telling.” We hope that you will tell, so that we remember.