There are varying levels of engagement with All Souls’ church community. With each level comes varying levels of intimacy, connection, participation, and obligation. Our goal as a parish is to usher individuals into deeper connections with the life of the parish.

Etymologically, the term parishioner joins two Greek words, para- (with, alongside of) and oikos (house, dwelling) to give us something like a “beside-dweller”. This has a sense of sojourning: a purposeful journey of seeking or searching for a season. Parishioners at All Souls are any who wish to come alongside the community for a season, be that season a semester in college or a decade of life. This is not membership in the community; there are no obligations to being a parishioner.

At All Souls, the way to officially become a parishioner is by completing this declaration of intent and submitting your contact info. You might also consider attending an Enquirers Class when it is offered.

By completing the form below, you agree that:

  • All Souls is your church community, at least for a season (whether a season is a semester or a lifetime).
  • Your contact information will be added to the online church directory, which is available only to those in the directory.

Please use a separate form for each adult who would like to be a parishioner.
If you are married, we will link you together as a household in the Directory.
Once you’re added, you can edit your info and add a photo.

And if you find yourself moving on from All Souls, we’d love for you to let us know.