From our newly sponsored children, Nicole and Lewis.

From Nicole:


Dear Friends at All Souls,

Nicole Wairimu Mumbi sends her greetings to you all. She is very happy to be part of this big family and to be sponsored by you. She asks how you are all doing and says that her family  is doing very fine.

She is happy to be in nursery and is enjoying all that her teacher is teaching them. She is very happy that Easter is here because she always gets to see most of her extended family members coming together to eat and enjoy while celebrating Jesus’ victory. She says the garden looks like a pretty doll house especially with the stone rolled away and also that the cross makes her remember Jesus and how much He loves her.

She says the girls must be having a lot of fun playing in the snow, she says she wishes she could play in the snow too. She says your church looks beautiful especially with the snow around it.

She is very grateful for your support in her education and wishes to know more about all of you. She says she will keep you in her prayers and God bless you.

Nicole Wairimu Mumbi


From Lewis


Dear Friends at All Souls,

Greetings to you all and your families, I hope that you are doing well in Jesus. My family and I are all fine and it is very hot here in my country unlike what I can see from your photos you have snow all over.

I like playing football with my friends both at home and at school. Football is my best game. In Easter break my family and I cook very delicious meals to celebrate Jesus raising from the dead. I can see Addie and Lily are having so much fun playing in the snow. Your Grace garden looks beautiful and you must have had a great time making it.

I see there is a beautiful picture of your church and it must be more beautiful when there is no snow and when the trees have flowers and leaves on them. I would like to know more about your church and you can tell me how you made the little Easter garden. I have a question; What are mittens and what do you do during lent?

Thank you for sponsoring me and I am very happy to be part of this big family. God bless you all.

Lewis Kang’ethe Ng’ang’a