Letters from KDS

During Lent, All Souls collected over $1,000 for Easter Care baskets to help provide KDS families with food staples during their month-long Easter break. We also wrote letters to our ten sponsored children: Faith, Ann, Ryan, Wilson, Japhlet, Hussein, Jayceline, Virginia, and Emmanuel. We just received letters from them thanking you all for the Easter baskets and your letters. Many of our Souls are mentioned in the letters with some answers to questions you asked. Below, we’ve copied the letter from Emmanuel, one of our youngest and newest sponsored students.


Dear Friends at All Souls,

Receive greetings from Emmanuel, your sponsored child. He is fine and back to school after the Easter break. He hopes that his letter finds you in good health.

He was happy to receive the letters that were sent to him at Easter by Elaine, Emily, Cristy, and Lucy. He thanks all who wrote to him. He wishes Cristy to know that they are 45 students in their grade and his teacher is Madam Ann. To Emily he says he likes playing football with his classmates and swinging. He loves to sing and dance church songs for he goes to Sunday school. He tells Elaine that his color is red for he has a red t-shirt at home which he loves very much. He wishes to let Lucy know that he has a sister schooling from another school. Emmanuel likes to read charts in class and loves modelling.

He was happy of the letter He received from All Souls friends and was excited the pictures on it. The wooden giant was the interest of all. Emmanuel really felt for Lily to be at risk and says she should be asked to run away from it. But he was comfortable after we explained to him that it was not harmful.

He sends his gratitude for the Easter care basket that he received and says that his mother prepared Chapatis for him and was happy to give one to a friend.

Emmanuel promises to ask his mother and sibling to pray for you. He says he loves you all and sends greetings to Sarah and James plus their little twins.

Yours Sponsored Child,


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You may wonder what giant sculpture captured Emmanuel’s attention, so we are including the letter from All Souls (through Kathy) that was sent along with our monthly prayer schedule.

Thank you all for the gifts that you gave and the letters your wrote. You can see it meant so much to them!