Indoor Service Procedures

All Souls is holding two services each Sunday, a 9:00a indoor service, limited to 40 people, and an 11:00 outdoor service.

We will stream the 9:00a service each week, and will continue the practice of distributing reserved sacrament for those who worship remotely. To keep ourselves and our neighbors safe, we will follow these procedures for indoor services:


  • If you have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, or have recently been in contact with someone who is suspected to have COVID-19, please stay home.
  • If you have recently been to one of the states covered under the City of Chicago’s Emergency Travel Order, please stay home.
  • If you have experienced any of these symptoms in the past 2 weeks, please stay home:
    • fever or chills,
    • cough,
    • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,
    • fatigue,
    • muscle or body aches,
    • headache,
    • new loss of taste or smell,
    • sore throat,
    • congestion or runny nose,
    • nausea or vomiting, or
    • diarrhea.
  • If you are in a high-risk category for COVID-19, please stay home for your own safety.
  • All attendees must register each week that they plan to attend.


  • All attendees will sign in upon arrival, allowing us to ensure our 50-person cap and keep a record of attendees for potential contact tracing.
  • Every attendee must wear a face covering.
  • We are unable to offer Nursery and Children’s Worship at this time.
  • Household groupings will be seated together, spaced apart from other groups.
  • We encourage attendees to follow along with the service on a phone or tablet so we are printing and distributing as few bulletins as possible.
  • We won’t be able to do any congregational singing together, but we encourage humming.
  • Parents are responsible for helping their kids help others stay safe.
  • Bathrooms will be available for emergencies only. Please plan ahead!
  • Please refrain from going to the Undercroft, except for emergency use of bathrooms.
  • After the service, the ushers will dismiss attendees outside immediately.


  • After each service, we will clean all high-touch surfaces.
  • If you attend a service and subsequently discover COVID-19 symptoms, please let us know so we can keep our community informed.