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Week of October 4
Session 1: Why a Common Rule? Building a Trellis for Our Life with God 

Read Earley’s Introduction to The Common Rule (p. 1-17).
Catechesis Video: “Four Spiritual Rhythms for Coronatide”

Read Father Andrew’s and Deacon Mary’s Tuesday News articles, which introduced the Common Rule to our community.

Fact to Ponder
A Duke University study showed that 40% of our daily actions are not the products of conscious choices, but the product of unconscious habits. 

Question to Ponder
Think about what you do every day. What are your daily habits? What is one habit in your daily routine you are especially noticing reflects a disposition or desire in your life?

Week of Oct 11
Session Two: Creating Rhythms of Prayer

Read about Daily Habit #1, Kneeling Prayer 3X a day (p. 31-46).
Catechesis Video: “Developing Rhythms of Prayer”

Check out our Common Rule: Prayer Resources for three daily prayers from our ACNA Book of Common Prayer.

Enjoy Deacon Rob Lewis’ reflections on how coffee initiates prayer in his morning rhythm.

Question to Ponder
Earley states: “Your habits will never change God’s love for you, but through God’s love we can and should change your habits.” Discuss with someone this week this question: “What kind of habits – for better or worse – frame your day?

Week of Oct 18
Session Three: Lighting the Fire of Hope

Read about living a life of beauty and hope (p. 159-167)
Optional Reading — Weekly Habit #2, Curating Media (p. 111-126)
Catechesis video: “Lighting the Fire of Hope”

Question to Ponder
What in your life draws you away from living in hope? What draws you toward hope?

Habit to Try
Consider how the stories in your media streaming shape your story. This week try to curate your media and pick a limit of time you want to spend watching streaming video and try to live within in that limit.

Week of Oct 25
Session Four: Read the Scriptures

Read about Daily Habit #4 Scripture Before Phone (p. 79-94)
Catechesis video: “Scripture Before Phone”

Question to Ponder
What sources in your life do you draw on to make your identity more clear to yourself and others?

Week of Nov 8
Session Five:  Friendship & Vulnerability in Coronatide  

Read about Weekly Habit # 1 One Hour of Conversation with a Friend (p. 95-110)
Optional Reading — Daily Habit #2 One Meal with Others (p. 47-62)
Catechesis video: “Friendship & Vulnerability in Coronatide”

Fact to Ponder
A recent metadata study showed that chronic loneliness reduces life expectancy to the tune of smoking fifteen cigarettes a day.

Question to Ponder
What is one time in your life when vulnerability really changed things?

Habit to Try
Practice one hour of vulnerable conversation with a friend this week.

Week of Nov 15
Session Six: The Sabbath and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Read about the importance of rest — Weekly Habit #4 Sabbath (p. 142-157)
Catechesis video: “The Sabbath and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”
(presented by Laura Howard)

Quote to Ponder
“The center of our Christian faith is that we are saved because of something someone else did – this is a message of grace. So we can rest.” (Justin Earley)

Questions to Discuss
“What would your ideal Sabbath look like? How would it involve worship? How would it involve rest?”

Week of Nov 22
Session Seven: Fasting Away Our Emptiness

Read about fasting — Weekly Habit # 3 Fasting from Something for 24 hours (p. 127-141)
Optional reading — Daily Habit #3 One Hour with Phone Off (p. 63-78)

Quote to Ponder
“The big danger of excess, is that it numbs us. It numbs us to the suffering and to the beauty of the world.”

Question to Ask
If you were going to fast from something this week, what would it be and why?

Habit to Try
This week, practice a 24 hour fast from something.

Catechesis video: “Fasting Away Our Emptiness.”

Four Spiritual Rhythms for Coronatide

Reading Justin Earley’s The Common Rule from beginning to end can be a bit daunting as he talks about developing eight different habits in our spiritual life. Instead, as we read The Common Rule together as a community, we would like to organize our reading around a theme Earley has posted on his website: Four Spiritual Rhythms for Coronatide.

As we have all come to the realization in the past few months that this season is not going to go away soon, we have also adapted our lives to limited engagement with people outside our families, exercising caution about where we go in public, and adjusting to human encounters that usually involve the loss of smiles and touch.  Earley’s challenge for us in this time is this: “Everything you have ever known about household rhythms is now disrupted, which means this is an incredible opportunity to form new rhythms that guide you towards God’s power in a time of humanity’s powerlessness.” 


Our simpler, gentler reading plan (displayed above) is organized around these four essential spiritual rhythms. You don’t have to follow the dates indicated, but those are dates when we will add brief Catechesis videos adapted from Earley’s website. These videos will also include discussion questions you may wish to discuss with your family or another small group of Souls.