Equip yourselves for parenting in a challenging season.

Faith in the Midst of Disaster

The Wheaton College Humanitarian Disaster Institute shares two books by their Wheaton faculty — After Shock: Searching for Honest Faith When Your World is Shaken, by Kent Annan + A Walking Disaster: What Surviving Katrina and Cancer Taught Me about Faith and Resilience by Jamie Aten.

10 Tips to Help Kids Feel Safe, Not Scared

Every person in the family is impacted by the strangeness of this season. Wheaton College’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute shares this tip sheet for talking to your kids about COVID-19.

Caring for Your Whole Self

Wheaton College’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute shares this article about facing loss in this season and how to holistically care for yourself.

Protecting Kids’ Mental Health

Child and adolescent psychotherapist and parenting educator, Katie Hurley, tells parents that, “Children worldwide are wrapped up in a grief they can’t begin to understand caused by a collective trauma with no clear end in sight.” Read on for Hurley’s ideas for helping kids through this season.

Supporting Children (and Yourself)

This practical article from Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child offers some good recommendations about how to support your children in this season, as well as how to support yourself, so you can best support your children’s development.

Getting Dinner on the Table

Former Soul, Karis Danish, shares this resource from a friend in Brooklyn, NY: The Dynamite Shop is a cooking school for kids. They’ve pivoted to entirely virual lessons, focused on helping KIDS get dinner on the table. Check out their Instagram — @thedynamiteshop — and YouTube Channel for a “taste” of the opportunities.

Need a Parenting Seminar?

Dr. Joanne Foster, author of The ABCs of Raising Smarter Kids, presents “Parenting in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Curiosity, Creativity, and Concerns.”

Spiritual Conversations with Children

This book suggestion is from Jim Leonard and connects well with how All Souls approaches Children’s Worship.

Loss & Gratitude

In this challenging time, read about how naming loss and gratitude can help kids process their experiences.

The Church Year

If your family would like new ideas about how to embrace the church calendar, you might check All through the Day, All through the Year. All Souls has several extra copies of this book. Contact Jennifer Merck if you’d like a copy of your own.