What’s the Mission?

Jennifer writes that her trip to Lebanon with Exodus was not a one-and-done excursion. How do we continue the mission? Every not-for-profit organization has a mission statement. For that matter, most for-profit corporations have mission statements as well. Maybe it’s to make the best hamburger the world has known. Maybe the mission is to create […]

The Challenges of Church Planting in Moldova

Roy Stiff, a former member of All Souls, posts from Poland, where he is currently the Eastern Europe representative for the Global Church Movements ministry of Cru, which is still known as Campus Crusade for Christ or “New Life” internationally. In June, Roy married Agnieska, a Polish native. Their wedding service, as Roy describes it, […]

Old Stories and New Problems in an Ancient Country

Jennifer visits the ancient port city of Byblos and gains a sense of how Lebanon’s history  contributes to the current complexity of its refugee crisis. June 5 Today, we toured Byblos, an ancient port city an hour north of Beirut. Byblos has been continuously inhabited since about 5,000 BC and contains Phoenician, Roman, and Crusader ruins. Seeing the […]