Good Coffee

The coffee we drink at All Souls helps people reclaim their lives. One of my favorite tasks at All Souls is brewing coffee early Sunday mornings. I do this along with a dedicated team who spend at least two hours every Sunday making sure our Catechesis Hour is well caffeinated. Our coffee draws us in […]

What’s the Mission?

Jennifer writes that her trip to Lebanon with Exodus was not a one-and-done excursion. How do we continue the mission? Every not-for-profit organization has a mission statement. For that matter, most for-profit corporations have mission statements as well. Maybe it’s to make the best hamburger the world has known. Maybe the mission is to create […]

The Undoing of Babel

Jennifer ponders Pentecost and the power of language. Language When our children were little and misbehaved, we didn’t talk about punishment. Instead, we talked about consequences. We wanted our children to understand that their choices were theirs: every moment is a fork in the road; they could make good choices, or they could make poor […]