Roy & Agnieszka Stiff

Roy Stiff introduces us to his wife, Agnieszka, and their daughter Vicki. Roy Stiff and his new wife, Agnieszka, serve with CRU in Poland and Eastern Europe. Enjoy this short video where Roy introduces Agnieszka and their daughter, Vicki, and Agnieszka shares how their family came to be.

For the Love of Lent

Deacon Rob Lewis shares some thoughts on the affirming and transforming love of God. We typically think of Lent as a time of negation, of giving up something we enjoy—perhaps a little too much.  But Scripture presents the denial that characterizes Lent not as a way of negation, but as a way of affirmation that […]

Letters from our sponsored kids

Most of you know that All Souls sponsors 10 children at Kinyago-Dandora School in the slums of Dandora, outside Nairobi, Kenya. They range in age from nursery school through high school. In January, the children returned to in-person school for the first time since last March and are elated to be back to school. During […]

Shrove Tuesday for the Souls

If we could gather, we’d be eating pancakes in the Undercroft this evening. To Shrive or Not to Shrive If you search our Book of Common Prayer, you won’t find any guidance on the particulars of this old celebration. Even the Church of England will send you to an external history site to explain the […]