Letters from KDS

During Lent, All Souls collected over $1,000 for Easter Care baskets to help provide KDS families with food staples during their month-long Easter break. We also wrote letters to our ten sponsored children: Faith, Ann, Ryan, Wilson, Japhlet, Hussein, Jayceline, Virginia, and Emmanuel. We just received letters from them thanking you all for the Easter baskets […]

Sophie: Back2Back Ministries in India

Sophie Dickinson attended All Souls as a Wheaton College student. Now, she’s preparing to leave for a three year assignment teaching in India with Back2Back ministries. In this post, Sophie shares about her journey to orphan ministry. When I was about sixteen, I watched the documentary It’s a Girl on a whim, after coming across […]

Why a blog about souls on mission?

As a writer for the Souls on Mission blog, Angela shares her vision for the content and stories we’ll be sharing in this space. If you have a story to share or if you’d like to be involved with the writing process, please reach out to Angela, Jennifer, or Rob. Four years ago, when I first […]

Taste and See.

In this post, Rob Lewis shares his vision for the newly reconstituted Souls on Mission. Taste and see that the Lord is good. This invitation from Psalm 34 suggests the powerful immediacy of experiencing God’s beneficence. We don’t apprehend God in the abstract, but through the senses.   Our church is full of sensory stimuli […]