When the Storm Rolls In

a Stephen Ministry introduction from Deacon Joy Unger Sometimes you can see the storm developing around you. You can feel the winds pick up speed, feel the temperature drop slightly, see the clouds start to darken and cover the once clear sky. If you read the signs right, you can make your way inside and […]

Touching Jesus Robe

an introduction to Stephen Ministry from Galen Dalrymple She hides in the crowd, trying to remain invisible and unnoticed. She is depressed and ashamed. She doesn’t want anyone to know her secret. Yet her deep despair stirred something within her – a desire to get better – so she mustered her courage and sought help […]

Coming & Going: the Rhythm of the Souls

reflections on mission from Deacon Rob Lewisand Annemarie Zimmerman And he rejoiced with great sadness. This describes my conflicted emotional state when I say goodbye to friends who leave All Souls.  The emotions start to rise with the first buds of spring, when our students prepare to head out to parts unknown. I know it’s […]