COVID19: A PCP’s perspective

Katie reminds us of what we hold high – the selflessness of doctors and nurses who do their jobs because it’s their calling. They tell us what a vocation is, and how it is a spiritual event. COVID19 is here. As a primary care doctor, I’ve been following the SARS-CoV2 virus story somewhat obsessively for […]

Pay It Forward (MLA 3)

Rob Lewis tells of one person who paid goodness forward in a donut shop. On the day the governor of Illinois issued the Corona induced shelter in place order, I met at Dunkin Donuts with someone struggling to make ends meet. He ordered coffee, and I suggested he get a half dozen donuts for his […]

Choose Life (MLA 2)

Monica Hupp shares with us how she chooses life even in the darkest times. During these uncertain times as the COVID-19 is ravaging the world I’ve asked myself three questions.  Will I let this ravage my mind, will, and emotions and let it feast on my peace of mind? Will I sink so low in […]

You Are Now Entering Your Mission Field (MLA 1)

Jennifer Merck summons us to our mission field. Dorothy Esther Roush Kuhlmann — my Grandma Kuhlmann, Dottie to her friends — was born and raised on a dairy farm in Western Michigan. She moved to Chicago, but her little sisters stayed in Hastings. As I was growing up, this is where we visited Aunt Mary […]

Mission as Love in Action

There is nothing like a crisis to bring out the best and the worst in people. In the extremities of life we find out who we are. We are hearing and reading many stories of heroism and egotism in this time of pandemic. “Every society tells stories,” writes Jonathan Haidt, “and those stories involve good […]