Around All Souls

We want to be sure that you know how you can be part of our church community in this season. Just because we are apart doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of All Souls. In this season of being apart and not going as many places, some prepositions have become a little confusing: What […]

Unfinished Business

Mark Clemens shares his reflections on death, memory, hope, and resurrection, on the occasion of All Souls Day 2020. I am now a few weeks into the private liturgical season that marks half of every year for me, from early October, when my mother was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, to the middle of […]

New COVID Guidelines

Fr. Andrew shares news regarding new COVID restrictions, and how they will impact our church community.   As you probably know, DuPage county is being placed under more stringent restrictions in response to an increase in COVID cases. I wanted to briefly lay out how that will effect our congregation, and explain some of our […]

The Common Rule for Coffee

Deacon Rob shares how coffee prompts prayer in his morning habits.   Do you wake up thinking of coffee? I do.  I learned to love the bitter taste of coffee when we got to drink it as a senior class privilege in boarding school. Because it was a privilege, I kept sipping that bitterness until […]