Soldier, Gangster, Pastor

In this post Roy Stiff tells the story of Slava, former soldier and gangster who now serves God in Moldova Slava usually starts his testimony from right before the fall of the Soviet Union. Slava was in the Soviet military, and in his words, a “believer”, not in Jesus, but in communism. He was sent […]

Roy Stiff Reweds in Gdansk

“When I die, you will need a new wife.” This was one of Gosia Stiff’s parting instructions to her husband Roy shortly before she died in January, 2018. Gosia’s funeral was held at All Souls, which she and Roy made their church home in 2012. Their focus always was on the goodness of God’s grace, […]

Yes, Souls, There Is a Santa Claus

  Is the jolly man in the red suit with a long white beard real? Did he first appear in Coca-Cola ads? At department stores? Illustrating the poem, T’was the Night Before Christmas? And more importantly, how does he relate to Souls on Mission? And what do we teach our children about him? The true […]

Good Coffee

The coffee we drink at All Souls helps people reclaim their lives. One of my favorite tasks at All Souls is brewing coffee early Sunday mornings. I do this along with a dedicated team who spend at least two hours every Sunday making sure our Catechesis Hour is well caffeinated. Our coffee draws us in […]

Following the Call to Kenya

Rob Lewis tells us why he’s going to Kinyago Dandora Schools in Kenya. “I am not eager to go to Kenya, but I will out of a sense of duty.” This is what I recently told Ginger Palm, president, CEO of the Kenya Children’s Fund and spiritual mother of the Kinyago-Dandora Schools in Nairobi, Kenya. […]

Zao Youth Summer Mission Trip 2019

Returning to a familiar location for a mission trip brings some real perks. This was our third year serving in the Edgewater neighborhood, so there were a number of well worn paths. Most of our students had been on at least one of the two previous trips, so they knew about the building we were […]

What’s the Mission?

Jennifer writes that her trip to Lebanon with Exodus was not a one-and-done excursion. How do we continue the mission? Every not-for-profit organization has a mission statement. For that matter, most for-profit corporations have mission statements as well. Maybe it’s to make the best hamburger the world has known. Maybe the mission is to create […]

The Undoing of Babel

Jennifer ponders Pentecost and the power of language. Language When our children were little and misbehaved, we didn’t talk about punishment. Instead, we talked about consequences. We wanted our children to understand that their choices were theirs: every moment is a fork in the road; they could make good choices, or they could make poor […]

God Knows What I Don’t

Jennifer wonders what God might be doing with what we’ve undone. June 10-11 Beirut => Frankfurt, and then two days and two nights in Frankfurt. Frankfurt => ORD I’ve been thinking about Joseph: Jacob’s Joseph, the favorite son, he of the Coat of Many Colors. After the coat, after the dreams, after the pit, after […]

The Challenges of Church Planting in Moldova

Roy Stiff, a former member of All Souls, posts from Poland, where he is currently the Eastern Europe representative for the Global Church Movements ministry of Cru, which is still known as Campus Crusade for Christ or “New Life” internationally. In June, Roy married Agnieska, a Polish native. Their wedding service, as Roy describes it, […]