Communion at All Souls

Communion in the liturgical church is, in part, an act of community. Instead of receiving the elements while sitting in our pews, as in other churches, communicants at All Souls slide out of their rows and process together down the aisle to gather around a “common table” to receive the bread and wine. The quiet, […]

Letters from our sponsored kids

Most of you know that All Souls sponsors 10 children at Kinyago-Dandora School in the slums of Dandora, outside Nairobi, Kenya. They range in age from nursery school through high school. In January, the children returned to in-person school for the first time since last March and are elated to be back to school. During […]

Dandora COVID update

Our Kids in Dandora are Back in School! The good news in the slums of Dandora: KDS/KDSS is back in session! After almost 10 months of being away because of COVID, the children were SO excited to be back in their classes! We received a report from Kenya Children’s Fund that the first 2 weeks […]

What I Learned in North Africa

This is Angela’s second post about her experience in North Africa. We are  grateful for the lessons she brings home to us. In my last post, I wrote a lot about the things that confused me while I was living in North Africa. I reflected that there is a lot I don’t know about the intertwining of […]

Eight Months in North Africa

Angela reflects on her experience  in North Africa partnering with an organization that does Bible translation work. This is the first of two posts. This is the first time I’ve written publicly to my family at All Souls about my experience in North Africa. I waited a long time because I was hoping I’d be […]

Start with Rice and Potatoes

In this post, Rob Lewis reflects on his experience as an MK in Bali. My parents worked as “pioneer” missionaries in Bali, Indonesia. They arrived in Bali in 1953 and my mom, at the age of 91, still lives and works there. My parents’ primary mission was to convert 2.5 million Balinese Hindus to Christianity. […]

Letters from KDS

During Lent, All Souls collected over $1,000 for Easter Care baskets to help provide KDS families with food staples during their month-long Easter break. We also wrote letters to our ten sponsored children: Faith, Ann, Ryan, Wilson, Japhlet, Hussein, Jayceline, Virginia, and Emmanuel. We just received letters from them thanking you all for the Easter baskets […]

Why a blog about souls on mission?

As a writer for the Souls on Mission blog, Angela shares her vision for the content and stories we’ll be sharing in this space. If you have a story to share or if you’d like to be involved with the writing process, please reach out to Angela, Jennifer, or Rob. Four years ago, when I first […]