Advent Prayer Labyrinth

Fr. Andrew Unger shares an Advent prayer practice.

If you step into our Nave, you’ll notice there are lines of tape running all through the space: in between pews, around the altar, and past the foot of the cross. This continual path is our own version of a prayer labyrinth. Walking a labyrinth while praying is an excellent way help you take a listening posture, contemplating the ways that you are journeying alongside God.

We invite you to spend some time in the Nave this Advent praying and walking through our labyrinth. You can use the space as an aid to prayer by doing any of the following:

  • As you walk through the pews, imagine members of our congregation who frequently sat there, and pray for them.
  • As you go through the Nave, focus your attention on the Stations of the Cross; ponder each one as you pass by.
  • As you make your way toward the front of the Nave, fix your eyes on the cross, imagining burdens or griefs that you want to allow Jesus to take up for you. As you make your way towards the back, use the mural on our back wall to think of where Christ is calling you to be, out in the world.
  • As you move towards and away from the cross, look for the places where God is drawing you in and sending you out.

There are lots of “right” ways to use a labyrinth. We invite you to pause in the midst of a busy season and use this resource for prayer and contemplation any time the church is open.