Join us in daily prayer.

This Daily Prayer site is designed specifically for the community of All Souls to be united in prayer in daily individual devotions, family devotions, or small groups. It is adapted from the ACNA 2019 BCP Daily Prayer Offices, and offers options for Morning Prayer, prayer during the day, and Evening Prayer/Compline.

Each week, the collects will change, following the seasonal rotation for Trinity. Each day, the Scripture texts will change, following the BCP 60 day Psalm rotation, and readings taken from the weekly Philippians passages and the forthcoming Sunday lectionary. Through a rotation of intercessions changed daily, we will also have an opportunity to pray for each individual in our All Souls community, as well as members of the vestry and clergy.

Use this site as a resource for personal prayer and meditation upon God’s Word, knowing others in our community are also praying the same prayers and reading the same texts. If you would like to pray this liturgy online with others, join us Wednesday mornings at 8 AM. Register here.