Join us as we study God’s Word.

A pilgrimage is a journey to a place full of meaning and purpose. Even though the destination can hold a certain amount of significance, it is actually the journey itself where people experience transformation. As a community, we will walk through the book of Philippians, learning together from the Apostle Paul. The aim for this summer is to provide an opportunity to for us to study and meditate upon the Word of God together as a community. Dr. Patrick Egan will be leading us in this study.

Each day on the All Souls Daily Prayer app, you will find short readings of Philippians to meditate upon. Each week, questions will be posted below, as well as a short ten-minute video highlighting the week’s reading from Patrick Egan. Further, pop-up discussion meetups will occur bi-weekly. Sign up for one or all of those meetups.

Weekly Questions to Think About


Week 1: Philippians 1:1-14
Week 1 Video

  • Paul begins this letter with a note of thanksgiving. What is the basis of Paul’s thankfulness? Identify any words, phrases or concepts that stand out to you.
  • At the time he wrote his epistle to the Philippians, Paul was imprisoned for preaching the gospel. How do we reconcile the injustice of his sufferings and his thankfulness?
  • Personal application: What is there that we can be thankful for now, even in the midst of the trials of 2020?


Week 2: Philippians 1:15-26
Week 2 Video

  • Paul rejoices no matter why a person proclaims the gospel. What do you think: does it make a difference whether we proclaim from a place of love or from some other motivation?
  • Paul expresses his hope as an eager expectation, despite his dire circumstances. How does Paul’s hope inform us about how we can approach our present circumstances?
  • What practical implications come to mind when we live as though we are already dead in Christ, that our days are a gift for his purposes?
  • Pauls wants to live so that he might multiply joy in his fellowship with the Philippian church. How does this help us understand the need for believers to meet together?


Week 3: Philippians 1:27-2:4
Week 3 Video

  • What strikes you most about the phrases Paul uses to describe Christian unity?
  • Why is unity essential to the Christian life? Why can’t we just “go it alone?”
  • Why is it so difficult to achieve Christian unity?
  • As we begin to re-gather as a church, what can we do to promote a spirit of unity?


Week 4: Philippians 2:15-18
Week 4 Video

  • How do we imitate Christ’s humility and exaltation in daily life?
  • What do you think it means for you to “work out your salvation?”
  • How does this passage seem to guide us in our relationship with a “crooked and twisted generation?”


Week 5: Philippians 2:18 – 3:1
Week 5 Video

  • How is Timothy an example of Christ-likeness (see Phil. 2:5-11)?
  • How did Epaphroditus follow the example of Christ?
  • What do we learn from the descriptions of Timothy and Epaphroditus about how to live out our salvation today?


Week 6: Philippians 3:2-16
Week 6 Video

  • How does Paul’s personal biography exemplify his understanding of Christ’s humility (2:5-11)?
  • Is there a connection between 3:10 and the eucharist?
  • How do we apply what Paul is saying about forgetting anything we have obtained or accomplished?


Week 7: Philippians 3:17-4:9
Week 7 Video

  • What does it look like to imitate Christ, Paul and/or godly examples in life today?
  • How does citizenship in heaven give us insight into our worldly existence?
  • As we regather as a church, what does it mean for us to agree in the Lord?


Week 8: Philippians 4:8-23
Week 8 Video

  • What does it look like for Christians to engage with our surrounding culture
  • What does it mean to rely on God’s strength? Is there a role for our effort?
  • How does giving play a part in one’s Christian walk?


More questions will be added weekly.