Join us as we journey.

A group of All Souls artists have begun working together, using their varied talents, to create a multi-sensory experience that will — through word, symbol and action — invite our congregation to reflect together on our current pilgrimage experience.

Our work will focus on the rhetoric and reconciliatory theology of ubuntu (as drawn out by Dr. Jim Beitler in his book, Seasoned Speech: Rhetoric in the Life of the Church), and on mending and stitching the fabric of our lives together.

“No matter how jagged or ragged the pieces we add, no matter how uneven or precious or dirty, a beautiful design continues to emerge.” (Jerusalem Jackson Greer)

Our first project will be the creation of Ordinary Time banners for the Nave. We would love for every Soul to contribute a scap of fabric to our banners. The scrap could be as small as one inch square. We hope that your scrap will come from something meaningful in your life.

Please drop your scrap(s) off at Cristy Marchis’ home in Wheaton. Check your All Souls Directory for her address. For more information about creating art together, please contact Cristy Marchis.