Summer 2021

Before we walk, we sit together….

An old phrase holds that to be a Christian is to be homo viator: the human being as wayfarer, as pilgrim. Former All Souls member, Alan Jacobs, writes, “Wayfarers know in a general sense where we are headed: to the city of God. But we’re not altogether certain of the way. We can get lost for a time . . . we can become discouraged, but we don’t give up.”

Alan writes about the “wayfaring character of hope”, which comes from knowing there is a way – and we didn’t make [plan] it.

All of us at All Souls are finding our way. And we are hopeful. In this season it especially means finding our way back to each other, after a long period of continual upheaval.

Our Vestry has called us to simply Be Here Now. To be present to one another. To tell our stories, and open our hearts to one another. To discover the treasures of grace contained in each moment we share together. Fully present means we see each other, and know one another well enough to recognize the grace even in the burdens we carry together. 

We are now gathering ourselves to walk together again. To find our way. But first we would do well to simply sit together. To be here now for each other.

We can meditate on God’s Word together.

Join us in a OneBook/OneChurch summer study of the Book of Philippians, led by Dr. Patrick Egan. More info.

We can pray together.

Join the Souls in Daily Prayer using a site designed just for us. Pray during your own devotions, or join other Souls on Wednesdays. More info.

We can create together.

Join a group of All Souls artists as we reflect together on our current pilgrimage experience. Learn more.

We can read a book together.

This summer, we will hold two book discussion meet-ups for the Souls. Summer titles and dates here. Fall dates TBA.

We can watch a film together.

Watch a film at home, and then join other Souls on the church lawn for a fun night of discussion. Bring a lawn chair and some popcorn! Learn more. Fall dates TBA.

We can meet together.

Do you have an idea for an informal gathering this summer? Send your idea to Deacon Mary and she will get it posted here!