Common Rule

Catechesis in Coronatide

In monastic communities, there is a type of member called an ‘oblate’. Oblates commit to aspects of the rules of the community, but don’t live in the monastery or abbey. They often have families and other jobs, and occasionally visit the monastery to build community with the other members when possible. 

Right now, we are all sort of like oblates of the community of All Souls. We are unable to properly live together in the ways that we used to, and yet we are still called to find ways to walk together. We want to invite everyone to commit to some basic rhythms of life as a community, based on Justin Earley’s book The Common Rule. We are inviting everyone to be an oblate of our community by taking one simple piece of Earley’s Rule, and allow it to structure your day:

Pray 3 times a day
For our church
and for each other

Check out these resources for simple prayers to say during the day, a list of weekly readings, an intercessions cycle, and a plan for praying without a screen.

We hope that by joining ourselves together in daily prayer, we might find ourselves formed more and more in a community that loves God, loves each others, and cares for those in need in our midst.

Dig deeper into The Common Rule: