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9.00a Easter Sunday Service

No 11.00a signup this week: service will be outdoors.

Click for more information about All Souls Indoor Service Procedures.

Sign up using the form below. Note the number of available seats. If someone is signing up at the same time, the available seats may be reduced before you are finished. You will receive an email confirmation (if you don’t, email

  • Please arrive a little early (we go “live” 5 minutes before the service).
  • Masks are required.
  • Seating positions are marked with All Souls’ logos. Households are welcome to sit together.
  • Bring a mobile device so you can follow along in the missal and access the hymn and service music.
  • Communion wafers provided.

Note: if you are confirmed as serving, please sign up any people coming with you. Please do not sign yourself up; you have already been counted.

IMPORTANT: if you can’t make it, please contact or text 630-344-9510 ASAP so others may attend.

Sorry, we are at capacity. Please visit our steaming link.