Welcome Wheaton College students!

Feel free to share your name & email with us.
We’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for stopping by the All Souls Table at the 2023 Church Meet & Greet. We’re glad you’re interested!


Here’s our current Sunday Service info. Be sure to check our home page for the latest information.

7.45a Morning Prayer
8.30a Holy Communion
9.45a Education & Formation
10.45a Holy Communion


There’s lots to explore on our website. You might especially take a look at what to expect if you visit us and info about our clergy and lay leadership.

Perhaps you’ve attended an Anglican church at home and know what you’re looking for. Perhaps your church background is interdenominational or Baptist or Mennonite or anything other than Anglican! Please feel free to visit and learn what All Souls is about. We love Jesus. We love liturgy. We love music—we have a pipe organ, a choir, and hymnals. We love meeting college students and helping them connect with All Souls.

Getting Involved

Some students pop by every once in a while. Some especially enjoy Advent and Lent at All Souls. Some students attend every Sunday and that’s the extent of their involvement. And some students dig in—join a House Group, volunteer in Children’s Ministries, sing in the choir, usher, etc. We’d love to help you figure out what’s best for you.


If you’re looking for a ride from campus, we always have students who drive to All Souls. We’d be glad to connect you with them, or with other Souls who live in the area. Email us and we’ll help get you there.


Before you stop by, you might enjoy checking out our building and our worship. We’ve been livestreaming and recording our services for a couple years. Visit our YouTube channel for full service recordings. Or, you might listen to some of our sermons here.